Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Everyone is talking about it. Batman. And the Colorado shootings. Tragedy doesn't even begin to describe the event. I think we are all in agreement that it was incredibly sad, sickening, heart wrenching.
They say Christian Bale is a real hero because he's visiting the victims in hospital. Sweet, yes. Commendable, yes. Heroic? I think not.
Greater love has no man than this: That he lay down his life for a friend. four of the 12 victims of that night were men who were shielding their girlfriends from the bullets. They. Are the heroes. Truly.
What has saddened me as well was the debates I saw on Facebook about whether or not a three month old baby should have been taken into the cinema. Why is that even an appropriate question??!! 12 people died. 12 sets of family and friends have had their hearts broken. 70 others will face repercussions for the rest of their lives....lets get some perspective here people. Instead of condemning the choices of the parents who took children to see a film, pray for the parents who lost their children that night.

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